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Termeni și condiții



This contract is concluded between SC RENTLACAR ONLINE SRL, fiscal code C.U.I. RO42134172, order number in the Trade Register J40/643/2020, address Bucuresti , Intrarea Chefalului nr. 12H camera nr 1
et 1 ap 6 as LOCATOR and hereafter referred to as “LOCATOR” and Mr. / Mrs. with identification data (see page 1) as LESSEE and hereinafter referred to as “CLIENT”: The object of this car rental contract
is to place the LOCATOR, to the CLIENT, a vehicle, hereinafter referred to as “car” and having the identification elements (see page 1): The location (rental) will be provided under the terms of this agreement,
accepted by both parties, at a price and for a certain period of time, set by the parties hereunder. This price does not include any subsequent indemnity that the CLIENT agrees to pay in full if it is caused by his
fault under the conditions specified in this contract.


The customer reads this agreement and confirms acceptance of the contract by signing it. Additional customer and driver must be at least 21 years of age, have a driving license of more than one year, have a valid
passport or ID card and a valid card.


The client undertakes to drive the rented vehicle in compliance with all legal provisions on driving a car on public roads. The Customer agrees that the vehicle will not be used and will not be driven: a) in
contravention of traffic, customs, legal or other regulations; (b) for the carriage of passengers or any goods for remuneration; c) to push or towing any other vehicle, trailer or other object; d) while the driver of the
vehicle is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other prohibited substance; e) in any kind of race, test, contest, off-road, school car or hunting; f) otherwise than according to the instructions and
recommendations of the car manufacturer; g) Loaded over the maximum permissible load or above the maximum number of passengers specified in the carriage; h) in any illegal activity; i) in flooded areas or in
the crossing of water courses; The car will be used exclusively on the territory of Romania, the crossing of the border being possible only if the Lessor gives his written consent through a document expressly
stipulating this. The car can only be driven by the signatory of this contract or only by a person specified in the rental agreement and fulfilling all the conditions of this contract. The client will not leave the door,
the windows, the trunk or the passenger door open in any way and will never leave the car keys or other things in the car. Customer takes full responsibility (financial, civil and criminal) for non-compliance with
the terms of use of this agreement. In the event of malfunction or any other damage, the repair of the machine must be done by an Authorized Service, designated by the Locator, only with the knowledge and
consent of the Locator and in accordance with the Locator’s instructions. The customer can not under any circumstances sell, rent, or guarantee with the car that is the subject of this contract. If flat tire, crash or
otherwise damaged, the customer has available phone number for technical assistance available non-stop and should immediately inform the Lessor, which will assist and give all instructions considering the


The car is delivered in good working order, without any damage or damage to the body or interior. Customer acknowledges and checks the condition of the car before signing this contract, and any complaints
regarding its condition will be made upon delivery and will be recorded in the rental agreement. The customer undertakes to return the car together with all the documents, keys, accessories and equipment, all in
good condition at the place and date agreed in the rental agreement. Upon expiration of the rental period specified in the contract, the contract becomes null and void. Upon a delay of more than three hours from
the time specified for returning the contract, the lessor reserves the right to inform the Police of theft of the car.


The rates are set in Euro / day and include: VAT, RCA insurance, National Road Assistance. Full payment is made in advance when signing the rental agreement. Payments in cash or credit cards (VISA,
MASTERCARD) are only accepted in RON and EURO calculated according to the exchange rate on the day of payment using the BNR EURO + 1% reference rate. The amount paid as an advance will not be
refunded in the following cases: the customer cancels the reservation; the customer does not present himself when the car is taken to the location established in the rental agreement. The first hour of delay from the
return time is free of charge, the next one being charged 15 euro / hour. We accept a maximum of 1 hour of delay. At the conclusion of a rental contract, the client must pay as collateral a deposit of between 200
and 1500 €, which will be fully returned to him after 30 days after he returns the rented car, provided that the returned car is in good technical and optical condition, without defects or damage, and the keys,
papers and any other accessories received with the rental car are returned in good order. The amount representing the guarantee will not be refunded if the customer does not comply with all the terms and
conditions imposed in the rental agreement. The guarantee is considered to be an insurance franchise only in cases where the fault of the incident belongs to the Client. The exception is the situation where the
Customer pays the “Total Zero ” tax, and he is not responsible for the cases where the fault of the incident belongs to him. He / she will remain responsible only if: a) the driver is under the influence of alcohol or
any prohibited substance; b) the theft of the car if the client does not surrender the original car key and documents, c) did not observe any of the conditions of use stipulated in the contract. The excess or part of it
will not be returned and may be retained by the Locator if: a) the car is damaged, has the body or interior scratched (upholstery, board, etc.), bent, cracked, defects or other damages and defects other than those
described in the rental agreement concluded upon the delivery of the car; b) the customer does not return the keys, documents and any other accessories received with the car for rent; c) the return of the car is not
made at the time and place established between the parties (except when the customer notifies the lessor and the lessor agrees to change the date and place of the return of the car); d) when handing over the car the
technical condition of the vehicle does not correspond to that of the moment of taking over by the customer or if the gearbox or the engine is damaged due to inappropriate use; e) the client has violated any of the
conditions of the lease stipulated in the present contract;


The vehicle is insured for damages caused to third parties during the period mentioned in the rental agreement. The personal insurance of the client, passengers, of luggage or any goods does not fall within the lessor’s
duties, the lessor is not responding for any kind of harm or damage to the above. If, as a result of the use of the vehicle that is the subject of this contract, claims are raised to the lessor, the client will release the lessor
of any liability. The lessor is not responsible for any kind of damages or losses of the customer and any kind of damage caused by the customer to a third party. In case of an accident, total or partial theft or destruction
of the car by the customer’s fault (exclusive or common), he is responsible up to the amount paid as a guarantee. The guarantee represents customer’s franchise and assure against eventually damages to the vehicle
caused by customer’s fault. If the damages or incident is caused by another part and the customer present all documents according to the respective situation that prove his innocence, acts that are specified in the
present contract, the customer has no financial responsibility and the excess will be fully refunded. The customer is fully responsible and has to pay all damages, costs and and/or losses if the driver is under influence
of alcohol or drugs, if any of the conditions of this contract was not respected, and if he does not present the necessary documents issued by the police (in case of theft, accident or any other incident). In case of a
criminal offence, he is responsible, civil, penal and financial. In the event of theft, if the customer does not surrender the keys and acts of the vehicle, as well as the proof of theft from the police, the customer is fully
responsible: financial, civil and penal. In the case of non-return of the vehicle on the date stipulated in the contract or the use of the vehicle over the terms of the rent, without a prior written approval from the lessor,
the customer assumes full responsibility (financial, civil and penal), obliging himself to pay the rental of the vehicle until the date of recovery or return and to pay all Lessor’s expenses for the vehicle’s recovery. This
fact constitutes an act of illegal appropriation of the good and is sanctioned according to the legislation in force. Failure to comply with the obligations mentioned in the above paragraph results in the termination of
the insurance effect and the liability for damages is fully refunded to the customer, including unrealized revenue during the rental period of the rented car.


In case of accident or theft, the customer has the obligation: a) to not abandon the car uninsured and comply with the legislation on leaving the accident’s place; b) to take all possible measures to limit the damages
caused c) to obtain the name and address, as well as photocopies of the identity card / passport, driving license, registration certificate and insurance of the other parties involved in the accident, as well as of any
eyewitness; d) to inform the police without delay at the closest police department from the district where the accident happened, in order to ascertain the accident and preparing the legal forms; e) to notify the Lessor
of the occurrence of any accident, fire, theft or attempted theft, even if the damage is only partial, to NON STOP phone number 0733.673..000, within 2 hours of the occurrence of the incident; f) to obtain from the
Police the report, Annex 2 (for the insurance company) and the repair authorization (all signed by the Police Officer who makes the report and the police station stamp). The report must clearly state in writing (in
the event of an accident) whether or not he was driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages; g) hand over to the lessor the car keys and papers, as well as the acts listed in the previous paragraph (point f)


Any dispute which arising in the course of this contract and which cannot be settled amicably will be settled by the competent courts in Bucuresti. The customer (the lessee) agrees that this contract is governed by the
laws in force in Romania and any legal action and process will take place in Romania, Bucuresti city. The customer agrees that any additions or modifications to these terms and conditions are void if not agreed in
writing and signed by both parts.


Booking of the car will be considered as safe only when confirmed by the Lessor.
The reservation will be confirmed for a class of vehicles and not for a vehicle. If, at the time of delivery, the Locator does not have a car in the class for which it has confirmed the reservation, then it will deliver a
similar class or an upper-class car, but at the originally confirmed price. The car will not show any damage or malfunction and will work normally, without any problems.

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